About us

Hi I am Andie, owner of Andie’s Boutique UK also Mum to 3 beautiful children.

My story begins after my 3rd child Charlie! I was looking for nursery decor items to decorate the boys bedroom with and accessorise but nothing really stood out in the current market.

This got me thinking about making my own and personalising things the way I visualised it.

I’ve always been a creative person and friends for years have always told me to make a business out of my creativity but I always put it off!

I took the plunge and created my own website, set up Facebook/instagram pages under Andie's Mini Makes!

I felt like i had out grown Mini Makes as my passion was clothing. 

So..... Here we are.....

Andie's Boutique UK! 


Hope you like my work and I look forward to designing all your orders.

Remember all items can be fully completely customised to your needs.