About us

Hi I am Andie, owner of Andie’s Boutique UK also Mum to 3 beautiful children.

Over the years Andie's Boutique UK has seen some changes, from a little idea in my living room into having my own premises!

First started whilst on maternity leave with my youngest son, I wanted to find my own style of accessories for Charlie, so I started hand painting wooden decor for his nursery, outsourcing products to match his Scandinavian decor.
I then went into designing clothing for him and other baby’s and quickly expanded into adults! 

Here we are personalising clothing for all the family, our positivity and mama/mini collections have been very popular since launch.... but why stop there? 

We are starting to branch out into stocking some of the more popular well loved brands in the future so watch this space. 

I can proudly announce we are stockists of Bibs pacifiers.
Something I know a lot of you love already! 

If you want to ask any questions just email them over and I’ll be happy to help

Love  Andie x